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Watches progressed in the 17th century from spring-powered clocks, which appeared as early as the 14th century. During most of its history the watch was a mechanical device, driven by clockwork, powered by winding a mainspring, and keeping time with an oscillating balance wheel. These are called mechanical watches.In the 1960s the electronic quartz watch was invented, which was powered by a battery and kept time with a vibrating quartz crystal. By the 1980s the quartz watch had taken over most of the market from the mechanical watch. Historically, this is called the quartz revolution.Developments in the 2010s include smartwatches, which are elaborate computer-like electronic devices designed to be worn on a wrist. They generally incorporate timekeeping functions, but these are only a small subset of the smartwatch's facilities.

5. Bremont

Bremont is a luxury British watch brand that was founded in 2002, one of the more modern luxury watch brands. They specialise in creating pilot watches of the highest style and functionality. Famous wearers of this iconic watch brand include Gordon Ramsey, Bear Grills as well as Tom Cruise. If you are a regular follower of our blog then you may have also read about their newest timepiece, the Bremont Supersonic, which is made from Concorde being one of many historical models crafted by the brand.

4. Rolex

Rolex is one of the most recognised watch brands in the market. The range of watches that Rolex produce range in style as well as function, the cutting edge of modern watch technology. Unlike so many other watches in the market, Rolex watches hold their value which means that they are a valuable asset, a watch to invest in. Some of the most popular timepieces designed and created by Rolex are the Submariner, Yachtmaster, Datejust and many more.

3. Breitling

Breitling was founded in 1884 and is well known for high performance watches, especially for dive watches or aviator watches. The brand is popular with firefighters and astronauts due its reliability. Each timepiece created and deign by Breitling has a certified chronograph and many also feature automatic winding mechanisms. Other key features of their watches that make them unique are the transmitters in Breitling’s emergency watches. Back in 2003, two British pilots crashed their helicopter in Antartica however they were rescued after they set off their transmitters.

2. Omega

There are many reasons why this luxury watch brand rose to fame ranging from keeping the time in the olympic games since 1932 to accompanying the astronauts that landed on the moon in 1969. Omega watches have also been worn in several different James Bond films the first spotted in 1995. As with Patek Philippe, this brand is also ft for royalty as its famous wearers include Prince William. Other famous wearers include John F. Kennedy as well as George Clooney. Omega watches come is a variety of different styles and functions making this brand particularly diverse.

1. Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe has been design and making watches since it was founded in 1851. Their collection watches are known for being unique in terms of their functionality however classic in style. Some of the most iconic complications of Patek Philippe watches include moonphase, star charts and perpetual calendars. Famous historical figures such as Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and Christian IX of Denmark have all been known to wear Patek Philippe’s timepieces. Clearly a brand fit for royalty!

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