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5. Suzuki Hayabusa

The Suzuki Hayabusa is a sport bike motorcycle mad Suzuki by since 1999. It immediately won acclaim as the world's fastest production motorcycle, with a top speed of 188 to 198.76 miles per hour (312 to 320 km/h).

Engine:- 1340 cc, 4,4 Engine Stroke
Top Speed:- 198.76 mph
Torque:- 135 N-m
Estimed Speed:- 320 km/h
Price:- 13,500 USD

4. BMW S1000RR

The BMW S1000RR is a sport bike initially made by BMW Motor rad to compete in the 2009 Super bike World Championship, that is now in commercial production. It was introduced in Munich in April 2008, and is powered by a 999 cc (61.0 cu in) inline-4 engine red-lined at 14,200 rpm. BMW made 1,000 S1000RRs in 2009 to satisfy World Super bike homologation requirements, but expanded production for commercial sale of the bike in 2010. It has an anti-lock braking system, standard, with an optional electronic traction control. It has a wet weight of 207.7 kg (458 lb), and produces 133.6 kW (179.2 hp) 13,250 rpm at the rear wheel.

Engine:- 999 cc, 4,4 Stroke Engine, 179 Horse Power
Top Speed:- 201.86 mph
Torque:- 112 N-m
Estimed Speed:- 325 km/h
Price:- 14,000 USD

3. MTT Turbine Super Bike

The MTT Turbine Super bike, also known as the Y2K Turbine Super bike, is a wheel-driven motorcycle powered by a turbo shaft engine. When MTT president Ted Mclntyre decided to add a motorcycle to his firm's range, he appointed Christian Travert, a former bike racer and custom builder, to head the project. The machine is powered by a Rolls-Royce-Allison Model 250 gas turbine producing 320 shp (240 kW) at 6,000 rpm. Unlike some earlier jet-powered motorcycles, where a massive jet engine provided thrust to push the motorcycle, the turbo shaft engine on this model drives the rear wheel via a two-speed gearbox and chain and sprocket.
Engine:- 249 cc, Gas Turbine, 320 Horse Power
Top Speed:- 230 mph
Torque:- 578 N-m
Estimed Speed:-370.3 km/h
Price:- 200,000 USD

2. MTT Streetfighter

Based in South Louisiana, in the US and headed by Ted McIntyre II, MTT are turbine engine specialists. According to a note on the company’s website, ‘MTT is made up of the world's most experienced professionals in the turbine engine industry, having completed more diverse, custom turbine engine installations than any other company in the world.’ The best part is, the guys at MTT seem to be putting their expertise to damn good use, by building turbine-engined two-wheeled rocket-ships. A few years ago, the company had made the MTT Y2K Turbine Super bike, which was powered by a Rolls Royce-Allison turbine that made 320 horsepower and 678Nm of torque. The bike’s top speed was in excess of 284.45 mph
Engine:-249 cc, 420 Horse Power
Top Speed:- 284.45 mph
Torque:- 678 N-m
Estimed Speed:- 400km/h
Price:- 175,000 USD

1. Dodge Tomahawk

The Dodge Tomahawk was a non-street legal concept vehicle introduced by Dodge at the 2003 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. Dodge's extraordinary claims of a top speed of 420 mph (680 km/h) were derided by experts in land speed records, and the Tomahawk never demonstrated a speed above 100 mph (160 km/h). The Art Deco design was the work of Chrysler staff designer Mark Walters and featured the 500 hp (370 kW) 8.3-litre (510 cu in) V10 SRT10 enginefrom the Dodge Viper. The vehicle has two front wheels and two rear wheels, making it a kind of motorized quadricycle rather than a typicalmotorcycle. The pairs of wheels move independently, allowing it to countersteer and lean in turns like a motorcycle. Hand-built examples of the Tomahawk were offered for sale through the Neiman Marcus catalog at a price of US$ 555,000, and up to nine of them might have sold. Dodge emphasized that the bikes were "rolling sculptures" not intended to be ridden
Engine:- 1275 cc, 500 Horse Power
Top Speed:- 420 mph
Torque:- 712 N-m
Estimed Speed:- 680 km/h
Price:- 550,000 USD

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