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Blood Harvest is a 1987 American slasher film directed by Bill Rebane and starring Tiny Tim.It is the only feature film he starred in. Peter Krause appears in his first feature film role. Made in 1987 and released through Titan International, it had a limited theatrical exposure."Allmovie" called it "an obvious stab at a piece of the dwindling slasher market shot on cheap, grainy stock with a small, amateur cast", writing that "those who appreciate Tiny Tim for his astonishing vocal range and vast repertoire of turn-of-the-century Tin Pan Alley songs will feel depressed watching him debase himself", but that "others might find enjoyment in a particularly wretched slasher fiasco that should provide derisive yucks for genre fans.
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Clownhouse is a 1989 American horror film written and directed by Victor Salva, starring Nathan Forrest Winters, Brian McHugh, and Sam Rockwell in his film debut. Its plot concerns three young brothers who are pursued by a group of three escaped mental patients disguised as clowns in the traveling circus. Filmed in 1987, Clownhouse premiered at the 1989 Sundance Film Festival, where it was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize in the dramatic category, and received theatrical distribution in the United States in July 1990. Its release was controversial, as writer-director Salva pleaded guilty in 1988 to child sexual abuse of the film's star, Winters, as well as procuring child pornography of the sexual assault. Its release was protested by Winters and his family upon its theatrical release, and again in 2003 when it was released on DVD by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Home Entertainment, who pulled the title from shelves under public pressure.
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Killer Klowns from Outer Space is a 1988 American science fiction horror comedy film written, directed and produced by the Chiodo Brothers, and starring Grant Cramer, Suzanne Snyder, John Allen Nelson and John Vernon. It is the only film to be written and directed by the Chiodo Brothers. The film is about a clan of evil aliens from an unknown region, who all resemble circus clowns. They arrive on Earth and invade a small town in order to capture, kill, and harvest the human inhabitants to use as sustenance. Killer Klowns from Outer Space was filmed in Watsonville, California and at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The film utilizes practical effects, including rubber suits. The score was composed by John Massari. The film received generally positive reviews and has been considered a cult classic. A sequel has been in development hell since the original film's release, with Stephen Chiodo having stated that he hopes to produce a series of films with a total of four installments, or a television series based on the film.The SyFy channel announced on October 22, 2018 that it was in talks to purchase the rights to the film in order to produce a sequel.
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Amusement is a 2008 American anthology horror film directed by John Simpson and starring Katheryn Winnick, Laura Breckenridge and Jessica Lucas. The film went direct-to-video in January 2009. It was the last film to be distributed by Picturehouse before their closure in 2008 and relaunch in 2013.The film was originally slated to hit theaters in January 2008, but was pushed back to April 25 and then again to September 12. It was pushed back once more to December 26, but Warner Bros. ultimately decided to release it direct-to-video on January 20, 2009.It was released on DVD in Australia on February 5, 2009 and on March 23, 2009 in the United Kingdom.
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It is a 1986 horror novel by American author Stephen King. It was his 22nd book, and his 18th novel written under his own name. The story follows the experiences of seven children as they are terrorized by an entity that exploits the fears and phobias of its victims to disguise itself while hunting its prey. "It" primarily appears in the form of 'Pennywise the Dancing Clown' to attract its preferred prey of young children. The novel is told through narratives alternating between two periods, and is largely told in the third-person omniscient mode. It deals with themes that eventually became King staples: the power of memory, childhood trauma and its recurrent echoes in adulthood, the ugliness lurking behind a façade of small-town quaintness, and overcoming evil through mutual trust and sacrifice. King has stated that he first conceived the story in 1978, and began writing it in 1981. He also stated that he originally wanted the title character to be a troll like the one in the children's story Three Billy Goats Gruff, but who inhabited the local sewer system rather than just the area beneath one bridge. He also wanted the story to interweave the stories of children and the adults they later become. The novel won the British Fantasy Award in 1987, and received nominations for the Locus and World Fantasy Awards that same year.[3] Publishers Weekly listed It as the best-selling book in the United States in 1986.[citation needed] It has been adapted into a 1990 two-part miniseries directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, and into a two-part film duology directed by Andy Muschietti; It: Chapter One was released in 2017 and It: Chapter Two will be released in 2019.
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