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Defined as different but similar things: goblins, hobgoblins, elves, dwarves, gnomes, little spirits, and more.The Spanish word for goblin/elf, and dueño, the Spanish word for the "real owner of the house." They live in houses, trees, underground, and other rural areas. They also live in mounds, which makes them mistaken for "nuno sa punso," which means "old man of the mound."
Pointed nose, horrifying teeth, long white-kinky hair, and angry eyes, these small people will bring you a fortune or bad luck, Elders say they only appear to kind-hearted people.

How do I keep the Duwende away?

Pilipinos believe that saying, "Tabi-tabi po" or "Bari-bari apo ma ka ilabas kami apo" can help keep them from playing tricks on you.

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