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Generally a formal way of getting to meet lady visitors in rural Philippines.

Traditionally, the suitor will visit the house of the girl he is trying to woo, and sing by her window until she comes out to either accept or deny him. The suitor may or may not be accompanied, but usually his companions will be playing a guitar or back up vocals as he sings. Ideally, the dalaga or young lass will come to the window and invite her suitor to come inside.

Inside, the father and daughter will sit in the living room where the suitor will stay standing unless given permission to sit. If the suitor wishes to make a good first impression, he must already have pasalubong or gifts for the girl's family. At the living room, though the daughter is present, the father will do all the talking and interrogate the suitor about his family history, aspirations, current economic status, and intentions with his daughter.

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"Harana (serenade)"

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