Type of contemporary art, in which the artist's own body becomes the "canvas" or "artwork? — Art , in which the artist's own body becomes the "canvas" or "artwork? , Type of contemporary art — Pinoy Brains

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Although closely related to conceptual art and performance art, Body art embraces a wide range of disciplines, including: Body-Painting; Tattoo art; Face-Painting; Nail art; Piercings; Make-up; Mime and Living Statues; and Photography. Sometimes it is made in private and then displayed in photos or video recordings; sometimes it is created 'live' in front of an audience. A number of performance-based contemporary artists (like Chris Burden, Gina Pane and Benjamin Vautier) have achieved fame by causing themselves pain or by shocking the audience with extreme forms of behaviour, including drug-taking, self-mutilation, eroticism and masochism. Showcased at some of the best contemporary art festivals - including specialist events like Body Painting festivals - as well as several of the best galleries of contemporary art, these body-related disciplines exemplify the postmodernist tendency to expand the definition of art far beyond the traditionalist sphere of drawing, painting and sculpture. Some art critics, however, take a narrower view, preferring to classify performance-related body art as entertainment, rather than an independent form of visual art.
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Body Art

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